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Application Checklist

Please make sure of the following before submitting your application:

  • You hold at least a master's degree in music, music education, or another relevant field; your academic credentials satisfy at least one of the following criteria:
    • an undergraduate degree in music education
    • a graduate degree in music education
    • at least one degree (undergraduate or graduate) in music with teaching certification in at least one state.

      (Please note: applicants should have a minimum of one master's level course or equivalent in the areas of music history and music theory; qualified candidates lacking master's level work in these areas, or in music education, may require additional hours to complete their programs)
  • Your professional credentials include a minimum of three years of music teaching experience in P-12 schools or equivalent professional experience in music teaching and learning; your professional experience is detailed on the resume included with the application packet; your video demonstrates your expertise in teaching
  • Your application has been completed per instructions, with appropriate materials designated for College of Education and School of Music; all requirements have been carefully noted and followed (including a 3.3 graduate GPA and minimum GRE or MAT scores)
  • Your GRE or MAT is completed or scheduled with sufficient time for scores to be sent to GSU by the application due date
  • You have a scholarly writing sample, such as a master's thesis or other substantive research paper(s), included
  • You have a DVD or videotape of teaching two separate classes included in the application packet (Please note: while the DVD/videotape may include an excerpt of a program or concert, it should emphasize classroom process that clearly demonstrates the candidate's teaching. Admissions decisions will NOT be made on the basis of DVDs/videotapes of concerts, recitals, shows, etc.) ; APPLICANTS SHOULD CLEARLY LABEL THEIR VIDEOTAPES WITH NAME AND ADDRESS, AND INCLUDE A BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE STUDENTS, CLASSES TAUGHT, LOCATION(S), AND DATE(S) OF RECORDING
  • Your official transcripts are included (with seal and in sealed envelope)
  • You have your letters of recommendation in unopened, signed envelopes included in the application packet
  • You have included a thorough resume of academic and professional background
  • Your personal goals statement is included in the application packet
  • Your proof of immunity for measles, mumps, and rubella is included
  • Your application is carefully and professionally completed and organized
  • Your Supplemental Application Form <.PDF> for the School of Music has been submitted
  • You have read all materials and understand the emphasis, the admission requirements, and the expectations of the Ph.D. in music education. You have observed all published due dates. You understand that review of your application may take 6-8 weeks following submission.