Deadlines for Ph.D. applications are determined by the College of Education and are currently March 1 (Fall and Summer enrollment) and October 1 (Spring enrollment). All application materials for the Master of Music and non-degree licensure programs must be on file in the appropriate offices by the following dates:

For entrance:

SPRING Admission: October 1st

SUMMER Admission: March 1st

FALL Admission: March 1st


Applicants in performance concentrations must audition and/or submit materials as indicated on their specific program outlines. Those who are required to audition must complete the Audition Application Form. Applicants may contact the Music Admissions and Enrollment office directly at 404-413-5955 with questions regarding audition dates and appointments. Applicants are advised to audition on one of the School's regularly scheduled audition days. Individual appointments may be permitted in certain cases. Decisions for admittance are made after all required application materials and audition results are on file. Audition Dates for Admission in Spring, Summer and Fall are as follows:

2014/15 Audition Dates
Friday, November 14, 2014
Monday, February 16, 2015
Friday. March 6, 2015 (instrumental)
Saturday, March 7, 2015 (voice)


Graduate placement examinations are typically given the week prior to classes at the start of each semester. You can register for the examinations by contacting the music admissions and enrollment coordinator at or at 404-413-5955.


After all application materials are complete, The College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Office will forward your application to the School of Music. When all materials required by the School of Music are complete, including an audition report if required, music faculty will review your application. The School of Music will then make a recommendation regarding your admission to the College of Arts and Sciences The Dean's office of the College will render a final decision on your application. Please note: The School of Music makes every effort to review completed applications as promptly as possible. However, because of the large volume of applications received by the College and the School of Music, and because of schedule demands, this review process may sometimes require several weeks. It is therefore essential that applicants apply as early as possible and take responsibility for ensuring that all materials are on file by the indicated application deadlines.


Official notice of admission can be given only by the Graduate Office of the College of Arts and Sciences, not by the School of Music. The status of your application may be checked on-line at any time at . If you are admitted to the School of Music, you will be required to seek advisement at least two weeks prior to the start of classes through the Music Admissions and Enrollment Office. In addition, incoming master's degree students are required to take music theory and music history placement tests during the week prior to the beginning of classes. Students who are relocating from outside the Atlanta area should plan for sufficient preparatory time to take care of these and other important matters that may affect their programs.